With Clinic Appointments you only pay for the services you actually use. Choose between our ‘Clinic Diary’ and ‘Clinic Diary and Patient Records’ packages, then add on any other services you need.

You’ll pay a fixed monthly service rental fee for the package you select, then a variable fee based on your monthly usage. All our services come with transparent pricing so you can see exactly what you’re paying for. There are no hidden fees.

There is NO setup fee, so you can get started today and all your funds are available to use on the services you require. You can be up and running within an hour, with details of all your diaries, therapies, practitioners and other information fully configured on our system.

Choose which package is right for you – the Clinic Appointments Booking Diary by itself or with the Patient Records features included. Here’s a comparison of what you get:

  Clinic Diary Clinic Diary & Patient Records
Monthly Rate £37 £69
No. diary rooms 3 3
Additional diary rooms (each) £5/month £5/month
No. therapists unlimited unlimited
No. users unlimited unlimited
Call Answering (optional) £30/month – see below £30/month – see below
Fully Secure Patient Records System No Yes
Create client invoices No Yes
Organise clinical notes No Yes
Upload documents (e.g. scans) No Yes
Body chart No Yes
On-screen consent signatures No Yes
Online Booking Optional – See below Optional – See below
Secure Card Processing Optional – See below Optional – See below
Send email reminders No Yes – free
Send text reminders Yes – 7p each Yes – 7p each

Call Answering

You can add our Call Answering Service to your package for only £30/month extra, which includes 20 free units.

Our fully trained receptionists answer your calls using your business name, so callers think they have reached you directly. We specialise in clinic calls and our knowledgeable receptionists will ensure your clients receive the highest level of service.

We answer calls live from 8.00am to 7.00pm Monday to Thursday, 8.00am to 6:30pm on Friday, and from 9.00am to 1.00pm on Saturdays. Out of hours, we can handle incoming calls however you specify, such as routing calls direct to your office, or by setting up a voicemail service for your clients to leave a message.

We automatically record and store all calls for training and monitoring purposes. Individual calls can be retrieved at a later date, should the need ever arise.


We operate a unit based system to calculate the cost of your call answering usage. Each service has a unit cost applied to it and you only pay for the units you use each month. We offer tiered pricing for units, with the price per unit coming down as your usage increases (see below for more details).

Monthly Fee £30
Monthly free units 20
Additional units 1-100 (each) £1.55
Additional units 101-200 (each) £1.45
Additional units 201-300 (each) £1.35
Additional units 301+ (each) £1.25
Answer general calls 1 unit
Relay messages 1 unit
Book / change / cancel appointments 1 unit
Make appointment reminder call 1 unit
  • Please note that the only times a single call can count for more than 1 unit is if, for example, the caller books 2 appointments during one call, then the cost would be 2 units. Or if an optional extra service is added where a message alert is sent for any booking we make, change or cancel – and then the appointment would attract one charge and the message another. Answering a call and then either relaying a message or booking an appointment etc. only costs 1 unit.
  • The facility to send free email reminders to your clients is only available with the ‘Clinic Diary and Patient Records’ package.
  • Text reminders are available with both packages and cost an additional 7p per text message sent.

Example Costings

Units Used Clinic Diary Clinic Diary & Patient Records
20 £67 £99
100 £183 £215
200 £320 £352
300 £447 £479
400 £564 £596


Additional Features

Online Booking Service

Allow your clients to book their own appointments online. You can choose whether to open up all of your diary to online bookings or just part of it, e.g. only certain therapies, practitioners, days or rooms.

For more information, click here.

This service costs £5 / month, plus 20p for each booking made online.

Secure Card Processing

This service is only available with the Online Booking facility.

When somebody books an appointment over the internet, you can choose to have them confirm their booking with a debit or credit card. Clinic Appointments can then pre-authorize their card, meaning we reserve a balance on their card ready for collection after they receive their treatment.

For more details please read the Secure Card Processing page by clicking here.

Processing fees are £1.50 per transaction for debit cards and £1.50 + 3% for credit cards. There is a minimum monthly spend of £15 to use this service.


How Do I Pay for Your Services?

You pay monthly in advance for whichever package you have selected, then monthly in arrears for any units you use.

Payment is usually made by Direct Debit, although continuous card authorisation is also available (surcharges apply for this option).

We do not tie you in to a long-term contract – if you ever wish to cancel you can do so by giving 30 days notice from your next billing date.

What Does Using Clinic Appointments Look Like in Practice?

At first glance, our pricing can seem a little confusing. However, once you start using it you’ll quickly see how it works and how simple it is.

Every client is different, but below you’ll find three examples to show how clinics of all sizes can benefit from using Clinic Appointments, as well as how much it would cost in each case:

Example 1

Sam runs a one-woman clinic out of a rented room.

She uses the Clinic Diary only package to manage her timetable and uses the Call Answering service as a backup for when she’s with a client and can’t answer the phone herself. She typically uses 100 units a month, which breaks down to the 20 free units included, plus an additional 80 paid units.

Her total monthly cost with Clinic Appointments is therefore £191.

She’s also planning on testing the text reminder service for each of the 80 appointments she makes each month. This will cost her £5.60, which would easily be covered if even one of her handful of monthly no-shows were to turn up as arranged.

Example 2

The Well Being Partnership has 3 therapists and 3 rooms. They use the Clinic Diary and Patient Records package and rely on the Call Answering service to handle all calls received in the afternoon when their part-time receptionist has finished for the day.

They have also set up free email reminders for all appointments, which go out automatically the day before the appointment.

They typically use 300 units each month at a cost of £507.

They are experimenting with the Online Booking facility for one of their therapists and have received 12 bookings this way in their first month at an additional cost of £7.40 (£5 monthly fee, plus 20p for each booking). They have already received positive comments from existing customers who prefer to book online, whilst 4 of the bookings also appear to be from new clients.

Example 3

The Good Health Clinic has 6 therapists sharing 4 rooms.

They use the Clinic Diary and Patient Records package to manage their business and all their calls are answered by Clinic Appointments.

They typically spend £759 on 500 units each month, plus an additional £5 on the extra diary for their 4th treatment room.

As a matter of course, they send out a text reminder for each of the 560 appointments they book, at a total cost of £39.20.

They have Online Booking set up and 40 appointments are booked this way each month. This costs the clinic the £5 monthly fee, plus an additional £8 for the transaction fees for a total of £13. Half of the online bookings (20 clients) then pay using the Secure Payment Service (split equally between debit and credit cards) for which the clinic pays a total of £39 (£15 for debit cards, £24 for credit cards).

In total, the clinic spends £855.20 with Clinic Appointments each month, which is far less than they were expecting to spend on the new member of staff they were planning to hire before they found us.

Ready to Get Started?

Please contact us today to get started. We’ll set up your account and your services free of charge and book your startup session where we’ll configure and activate your account.

Of course, if you’re not quite ready yet and still have some questions we’d be happy to answer them for you. Please get in touch today.

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