Secure Card Payment Processing

Let Clinic Appointments handle your offsite card payments with our Secure Card Payment Processing service.

When somebody books online you can choose to have them confirm their booking with a debit or credit card. We will then pre-authorize their card, meaning we reserve a balance on their card ready for collection after they receive their treatment.

Asking for card details up front helps reduce the number of no-shows.

If your clients choose to pay by cash or cheque at the treatment, you simply cancel the pre-authorization and their card will not be charged.

Should they cancel their booking or just not turn up, you can process a payment on their card in line with your stated cancellation policy.

Any payments made will be forwarded on to you in full as soon as the payment is cleared. You can expect to receive the cash in your account approximately one week after the appointment.

There are fees involved in processing card payments – a fixed £1.50 fee for a debit card transaction and £1.50 + 3% for a credit card transaction. At the end of every month we will add up these charges and invoice you for this amount included in your regular monthly bill.

There is a minimum charge for card processing fees of £15/month.

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