Patient Records

Our simple-to-use Patient Records software enables practitioners to store important records, notes and uploaded documents so they are accessible and available 24/7. No longer do you have to keep paper files or client notes in different databases.

The Patient Records software is fully integrated with our diary / practice management system, allowing you to keep accurate and up to date client records, including detailed notes and any documents you choose to upload. When combined with our call answering service, our friendly receptionists can book and amend appointments for you and update your records appropriately.

Sample Patient Record

Sample Patient Record



Organise Clinical Notes – keep all your patient records in one place. Records are easy to store, easy to update and easy to retrieve.

Upload documents (e.g. MRI and X-Ray images. GP letters, etc.) – there’s no need to keep untidy cabinets full of documents and images. Simply scan in all the documents  and images related to each of your clients and store them all together in a single location.

Manage Client Invoices – generate invoices for each of your clients from within the system, then automatically store a copy with their records.

Body Chart Example

Body Chart – for marking areas for treatment as shown either by using the mouse, touchpad, or stylus or fingertip for touch screen, and saved within the individual patient record. There are two within the system – the one below for Initial Assessments and a second of just front and back for follow ups.

The charts can be re-edited as many times as you wish (an audit trail is kept). However, once saved, no annotations can be erased. You may choose to keep just one version of the chart for re-editing or multiple versions per client if preferred.

Recent new additions to the charts include several views of the face for cosmetic/aesthetic practitioners to work with, as well as feet for use by podiatrists and chiropodists etc.

Data Collection for Initial Assessment and Follow Up Checklists – multiple assessment forms (rather than a single, universal form) can now be created and stored for each clinic – e.g. one for Massage and another for Chiropractic etc. In addition, each patient can also have multiple versions of each form saved within their clinic record if they are re-assessed again in the future. It’s easy to order the checklists on the form using a drag and drop interface.

Consent Signature Example

Consent Signature Form – patient signature consent forms can be individually created depending on your clinic’s requirements. Again, this can be done by mouse, touchpad, fingertip or stylus and then saved within the patient’s record. Different forms can be tailor made for each treatment offered within your clinic, as required.


Email Marketing – our integrated email marketing function has recently been enhanced to make it even better than before! Images can be embedded, multiple files attached and batches can now be sent from a clinic’s own email address instead of ours. This feature can be switched on by request.

Privacy – only you can view your clients’ records. Our receptionists do not have access to this information as it is potentially sensitive. You and your clients can rest assured your privacy is protected.


Organise your administration with Clinic Appointments – to find out more, call us on 0208 626 9373 or contact us today.


Present a Professional Image

Keep all your important and confidential patient records in one place with our secure patient record and diary management software

Optimise Your Time

Reduce administration time and better organise your records – no more wasted time spent searching through files and keeping paper notes.

Provide Great Service

Provide clients and callers great service by easily accessing all the information you need in one place.

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