Let Your Clients Book Online

Give your clients the option to book their next session over the web by adding an online booking facility to your website with Clinic Appointments.

Let them have the opportunity to book a treatment online and have that seamlessly integrate with your existing Clinic Appointments diary management system.

With this secure, easy to use service, your clients can make their own bookings at their convenience without having to call.

In addition, the service can also be used to take payment for bookings up front if you wish, or to pre-authorise a charge on your client’s credit or debit card so you can quickly and easily bill them after treatment. With this pre-authorisation you can also automatically apply a no-show charge to your client (in accordance with your terms and conditions) if they fail to attend their appointment. This often has the effect of improving attendance, or at the least minimising the financial cost of missed bookings for your clinic.

You have full control over all aspects of your online booking system:

  • You can make it available to anyone including new patients, or just allow existing clients only to register and use it.
  • Choose which days and time slots are shown as available for online booking. There’s no need to open up your whole diary availability if you prefer not to.
  • Decide which venues, therapies and practitioners will accept bookings online.
  • Combine any of the above to create the best system for you – and quickly and simply modify these settings in your online account control panel should you ever need to.

The online booking system operates alongside your Clinic Appointments telephone answering service and diary booking system. It is not available as a stand-alone option. A step-by-step on-screen guide to setting up helps you through the initial creation of the service in tandem with the details already held within your diary system and, of course, we are always happy to offer any additional assistance you may need to get started.

Clinic Appointments makes it easy for you to run your business, no matter how your clients choose to book their treatments.

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