There are many benefits to using the Clinic Appointments service – our friendly and professional virtual receptionists can completely manage your diary, booking appointments in advance, answering queries and forwarding messages.

With Clinic Appointments, you’ll never miss a call again, and never lose a potential client – providing the best service for clients whilst maximising your potential revenues.

You can also have your clients book their treatments online if you wish, and our secure card processing service makes it easier for them to pay you.

All of our services are designed to make your life easier, whilst also freeing up your time to focus on your clients or on other areas of your business. We’ll look after the day to day stuff and keep your clients happy whilst you focus on the areas that most need your input and experience.

Contact us today for an informal chat about how we can help you manage your business.

Don’t Lose Potential Clients

Give prospective clients a quick and easy way to arrange an appointment with our always available virtual receptionist and appointment booking service.

Instant Professional Image

We can deal with multiple, simultaneous calls for your business, and our friendly and professional service ensures that the right impression is created with your clients, every time they call.

Maximise Your Revenue

Whilst you are busy with a client, we can be busy booking someone into the very next slot – helping you to optimise your time and maximise your revenue.

Excellent Return On Investment

Just one new client each month can pay for the service. Additional new clients, together with all the last-minute bookings we generate for you, equates to a substantial return on your investment.

Optimise Your Time

Our services can be switched on and off at will to fit around your work and leisure schedule. No need to spend your time worrying about missing important calls whilst you are busy or having a break.

Reduce No Shows

Send SMS text messages direct to your clients’ mobile phones, reminding them of their appointments. This will help to reduce the number of clients that fail to show up to their appointment.

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