About Us

Clinic Appointments specialise in answering calls and providing remote receptionist services within the primary and secondary health care sectors..

The remote receptionists within Clinic Appointments are predominantly well educated, experienced females who are able to deal with healthcare enquiries both with a great deal of empathy and attention to detail.

All shifts at CA are staffed not only with receptionists but also with supervisors who are able to make call backs to clients, deal with the more unexpected enquiries and provide telephone and email support to clinics.

At Clinic Appointments we have invested in the latest technology to allow our remote receptionists to work from home in a controlled environment answering calls in the name of the clinic and delivering the information and service you would expect from one of your own employees. In order to monitor and maintain our standard of service, we regularly record and review calls with receptionists to ensure all of our calls are handled as professionally and efficiently as possible. As a CA client, you are welcome to request calls to be recorded on your account should you occasionally want to check for yourself how your calls are being handled.

We attempt to answer all of your incoming calls within seconds and we aim to maintain a call answer rate of above 98%. However, there are times when despite our best efforts calls can be missed. When this happens, the supervisor is notified and a callback is made to the caller wherever possible.

As our business is built on our ability to answer and deal with your calls, it’s important the system we use to do this is flexible and reliable enough to cope with whatever we need it to do.

When we first started, we carried out an extensive search for the right solution to enable us to provide the service our customers required. From the many options available (some good, some not so good), we chose Callagenix as we felt their hosted phone systems offered us the best overall package of numbers, services and customer support.

For over 10 years, Clinic Appointments has been using the Callagenix platform to provide a consistently high level of service to our customers. We feel it’s important you know our business is built on a solid foundation, so we are always there to support your business – there are no outages, no dropped calls, no poor quality lines etc.

To find out more about Callagenix you can visit their website: http://www.callagenix.com

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